Garama 3C Ltd (Garama for short), is a small firm specialising in consultancy and training in climate change and development, with a focus on the provision of technical input in the areas of adaptation, resilience, mainstreaming, climate screening, and monitoring & evaluation. The company was established in 2012 by Dr Nick Brooks, and is based in Norwich, UK. Our clients have included the UK Department for International Development, the African Development Bank, the Governments of Cambodia and Mozambique, and a variety of private firms and research organisations responsible for implementing development programmes. We have provided support to global, regional and country programmes, with a recent focus on East and Southern Africa.

Our name refers to our main activities of Guidance, Analysis, Risk Assessment, Mainstreaming and Adaptation (although the list is growing). It is also the name of the ancient capital of the Garamantian Tribal Confederation, a central Saharan civilisation that emerged from the prehistoric pastoralist societies of the central Sahara as they adapted to extreme aridity, driven by (in this case natural) changes in the global climate. 3C refers to the fact that we are a climate change consultancy; it is also the approximate amount of average global surface warming expected to result from a doubling of greenhouse gas concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere compared to pre-industrial levels.

Garama is registered in England as Company No. 08020004.