Capacity building

Garama works to build the capacity of those working in the field of development, particularly in developing countries, to respond to climate change by identifying risks and appropriate adaptation responses, and by transitioning to low-carbon, climate resilient development pathways. Our capacity building activities include the following:

  • Running annual training courses in the UK on Adaptation & Mainstreaming and Adaptation Monitoring & Evaluation, that are open to anyone.
  • Delivery of tailored training courses to individual organisations, including governments, multilateral investment banks, research organisations, individual programmes, and private sector organisations responsible for the implementation of development and climate change projects.
  • Working with researchers in developing countries to increase their research profile through publication of papers in international journals.
  • Working with individual organisations to enhance their capacity to identify climate change risks and opportunities, and to track the effectiveness of adaptation-related interventions.
  • Working with governments to support the establishment of national-level systems for tracking the effectiveness of climate change responses.
  • Working with a variety of organisations to enhance their understanding of adaptation and resilience issues, and to identify lessons from individual interventions around these issues.