Update on training courses

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we have suspended our physical training events and are considering moving to an online model. This would likely involve training sessions via Zoom or some other suitable platform (suggestions welcome!) spread over a number of weeks, with larger groups of participants and lower registration costs than previously.

The content would be similar to that in our previous, regular physical training courses, the last of which was the planned week-long Adapting to Climate Change course, which we planned to hold in Barcelona in March 2020. You can see an outline of the content of this course here. We will update this content to include more material on net-zero (mostly mitigation but an important topic for anyone working on climate change), social transformation, and the intersection between climate change and the pandemic, as well as updating the material across the board to ensure it reflects the latest science and adaptation research.

The focus will still be on practical applications, contextualised with critical discussion of current adaptation practice. As before, we will mix presentational content with practical exercises, and find a way to ensure the course is interactive, with plenty of time for discussion and learning between participants.

If the online model proves successful, we may transition most, if not all, of our training to this model. It will reduce travel costs and emissions, and enable wider participation, incuding of those who cannot travel to the UK.

If you are interested in online training, or want further details about likely content or any other aspects of our courses, please contact us.

For more details on our training activities, see our dedicated training website.

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