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About Nick Brooks

I'm a climate change consultant and researcher, and Director of Garama 3C Ltd, a small firm specialising in climate change and development issues. I have a background in climate science, and have worked on climate change adaptation issues for nearly two decades. My work for Garama has focused on climate change adaptation mainstreaming, monitoring, evaluation, learning and training. My research focuses on human responses to rapid and severe climate change during the last period of global climatic reorganisation, which took place between about 6400 and 5000 years ago. I have particular interests in 'transformational' adaptation, how severe environmental change can influence social and cultural change, human-environmental interaction in the arid sub-tropics, and long-term perspectives on contemporary human-environment interaction. I am co-director, with Joanne Clarke of the University of East Anglia, of the Western Sahara Project, which examines human-environment interaction through the lens of archaeology in the disputed, non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara.

Transformational adaptation: beyond business-as-usual

This is the first in a series of blog posts about transformational adaptation by Garama’s Director, Nick Brooks. The series is inspired by a conference on transformational adaptation and agriculture in East and Southern Africa that Garama organised with the DFID-funded Vuna programme … Continue reading

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